Picking up my travel possibilities 

Earlier in the year I applied for a passport with so much excitement because I had plans to travel but life happened that my plans had to be cancelled. Nonetheless I just had to wear my big girl pants and go on with life. I received an SMS to say i must come pick up my passport but somehow it didn’t excite me. I never picked it up and three months went by. I then received a post three months SMS. I decided to get out of my moody bitter self regarding my passport and go pick it up. 

The minute I held it in my hands that excitement came flooding back like a waterfall. I couldn’t explain the feeling but it was incredible because I just realised that what was standing between me and the international world was this little book. I then decided that I’m going to just celebrate this achievement over a cuppa and cake but I went a bit overboard when I got to the restaurant. I went for a full lunch with a glass of wine but extra light because I’m cutting down on alcohol 

The menu was so tempting but I went for steak because I’m trying to up my iron levels. For sides I ordered creamed spinach and chips 

I must say they are not stingy with their portions. As you can see the steak felt like they served me the whole cow.  My steak was cooked to perfection , medium-well. The spinach was cooked so well it was creamy .

Initially this was meant to be a coffee and cake celebration so since I made it a lunch I then decided to have coffee afterwards. So I did what I always do, I asked the waitress if they do coffee art and she said their barista was a pro at coffee art. With a smile I ordered cuppacino and it came with a birdie inside. Aaaaah man that was love at first sight. I always say I eat with my eyes before anything else. 


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