It’s a wedding season, weddings everywhere !


Hello guys

I  know I’ve been very scarce, honestly speaking I took blogging very simple but it takes consistency and I lack that . I’m now going to try writing once a week, my life is just hectic. Today I’m bringing you guys another wedding experience in the rurals and this one is more cultural less modernized, maybe I can say it was well balanced.

My aunties’ daughter was getting married and wait for it……..I was the BRIDESMAID! Happy moments. You would think being the bridesmaids I wouldn’t be able to capture much but I did, guys I love taking pictures. The joy I get with every click of a camera it’s such a fulfilling experience. 

We hit the N1 to Limpopo it was on a Thursday evening all excited as we been waiting for this wedding with all the fittings and dance practices we’ve been doing the past months so you can imagine the feeling of the big day being here. Friday morning my sister in law and I left for the bride’s home for preparations as we are just villages apart. We were baking ,cooking , serving the elderlies and later in the evening peeling vegetables that will be cooked on Saturday. You see that’s how things are done in the rurals. The men slaughters a cow, a goat and chickens are also slaughtered it’s a feast we have a community to feed. When a cow is slaughtered there’s few things that takes place after. The uncle takes the head, the auntie from the fathers side takes meat from a certain part of the cow, then there’s also certain part reserved for our Queen ( yes we ruled by a lady) then there’s the meat that is reserved for when we take the bride to her in laws on Saturday evening from that very same cow. That’s our culture for decades and we still follow it.
Now on Saturday was thee day, I was excited my nails and hair were done. I did my rods the previous night the curls came out popping and bouncing. The first ceremony was taking place at the queen’s place. The bride has to be dressed up in our pedi traditional attire and we taking that meat along with traditional beer ( famously known as umqombothi in SA) . This is where that white crisp poncho I talked about in one of my previous blog comes in, the bride wears it when going to see the Queen. And as you can see on the picture that’s the whole outfit, isn’t it just beautiful? I think she looked amazing.

The second ceremony was at the brides home where she wore the western white dress the wedding gown. She went for a simple dress and she looked beautiful ,nervous too ( who wouldn’t be). The bridesmaids (myself included) also looked beautiful our dresses were just a dream, the colour scheme was well toned down. She went for nude and beiges .
The decor was beautiful as well and the tent was big and open considering the blazing hot weather we had enough space for fresh air. We don’t do halls where I come from  the bride is wed at home so we erect big tents and turn it into a hall venue setup.

Later on we changed into our second outfits (4th for the bride) which was our traditional pedi attire . All bright and colourful with our doeks. We danced on the streets for everyone to see and ullulate it was just a joyful day. We also went for photo shoot at another venue quite beautiful.

The food was also good I can only say good because I just go for simple dishes as you can see my plate. I don’t like complicated meals at weddings merely because I have a sensitive stomach. Often at big events if you eat everything and anything you can have a running tummy so I try  by all means to not over excite my system.

The first day of the two day wedding was a success even though we ended with a  change of weather, from a hot sunny day to a windy dusty weather it was just unpleasant especially in a village with nor tar and pavements. Nonetheless it was a success, a beautiful wedding. We then prepared ourselves for a road trip to take our lovely Mrs to her in laws for day two of the wedding.

This one was a perfect wedding 😉
All of day two details on my next blog ( part 2) 


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