Blended Weddings! 

Recently I was invited to my primary school friend’s wedding….I was blown away. I’m yet to see a wedding that was well planned with so much attention to detail. 

I’m one person who like smaller details when taking pictures so I was just impressed. This was a traditional wedding in the rural village called Byldrift in Limpopo. Their wedding attires were just too gorgeous from the bride to her bridesmaids. 

Love is such a beautiful thing it really sees no colour only us humans see colour. Happiness was just roaming around on this day, the bride was just enjoying her day dancing her soul away , the hub was just admiring as smitten as a mother who just gave birth. 
Can I just talk about the bride’s dress…..I take my hats off to her designer. Truth be told she looked amazing and that dress was just made for her body showing all assets in the right places. She wore happiness like an armour. I don’t like talking about men’s attires at weddings because I feel they are just easy. 

If there’s one thing I love is a bride who puts effort in how her bridesmaids looks because they contribute to your day as well. In this case the bride went all out guns blazing on her ladies. From the hair, shoes, outfit and make up my God I can go on and on! 

The decor was just as beautiful, fresh flowers bit of pearls on the table……what’s there not to love. 
A City boy and a girl from the rural dusty village of Byldrift……..well what a PERFECT BLEND! 





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