Bubbles anyone?

I’m going to be brutally honest here. I’m so happy I finally found the champagne that doesn’t taste like beer. My first experience with champagne was the famous or hyped up Moët. 

I could not get myself to the second glass let alone finish it but I had to just hold on to it because honestly speaking I just loved the thought of champagne in my hand at the wedding I was at. 

Now recently as I was planning for my daughter’s birthday play date I asked for recommendations and my friends suggested Krone and let me tell you I’m now sorted for every party or event I know what to bring. It is so nice and yummy , not exactly the perfect way to describe it but that’s how it tasted.  

It’s quiet unfortunate that I don’t have perfect pictures because the venue of the play date was so dark even editing looks bad. I’ll just share one or two. 

I now have an option of drinks… wine, vodka or champagne . Ok and cider but I’m really trying to stop ciders altogether because I can only do one brand and I can’t share with anyone because none of my friends drink my choice. Now wine and champagne we can share a bottle and enjoy one drink which makes the taster even more better. 
I’m planning a picnic it excites me knowing I have a great bubbly to pair with my cheese board. The picnic is another blog for another day.

Stay tuned 




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