Invading my Mama’s closet! 

Here’s the thing I love about going home, having to go through those old trunks full of old clothes that your mama just doesn’t wanna throw away even though she hasn’t worn them since the liberation of our country! 

I must admit that I had to return a poncho that I had also taken. It was so beautiful so crisp white and wool woven. The quality of it was just above my expectations considering it was old and has been worn for years. It turns out that poncho was mom’s favorite item because she wore it in her wedding day, in our culture women wear that over their traditional wedding attire (well back in the days in any case). Such a pity I don’t have a picture to show you guys. 

So this top picture I’m wearing her double breasted check blazer. I incorporated it with my white paint sprayed boyfriend jean, a white shirt and my lace crop top that I bought last year but for the life of me it always made me feel uncomfortable. I could not step out of the house with it. When it comes to clothes comfort is key(. Except for high heels) I’ve learnt the hard way . 

The box braids are just adding that extra notch to my look although it’s been long since they’ve been on my head I’m ready to take them out. I’m hoping for a really mean popping Afro, hold thumbs with me! 

I must give credit though to the person behind my pictures….my daughter Kganya (it means light). She’s the one who takes my pictures and I’m proud of her. She’s learning faster than I imagined. 

Thank you for stopping by hope you enjoyed reading my post today. Look out for more posts about the vintage clothes I found in my Mama’s closet.

#Fashion #OOTD


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