Dealing with Iron deficiency anemia 

Today I’m sharing my most personal details of how IDA took away my body weight amongst other things. Growing up I was never skinny I’ve always been petite and at one stage I was fat/chubby. But then I just maintained my weight to the petite size although I started going back and forth to skinny and petite.
Turns out I lacked iron, well I found that out with my pregnancy but I took iron supplements and made it through all trimesters with no glitch.

6 years later my lack of iron turned to now a deficiency with low red blood cells. Over the years my eating habits changed gradually to lack of appetite. Now I had to go through constant headaches, dizzy spells, hair loss, brittle nails (I even tried to cover them by putting fake nails) , pale dry skin and all this put a strain on a my body I lost more weight. Typically when you’re from the black rural community at this age of life this ⬇️ weight is a call for concern. You are not woman enough. I gotten used to that .

This picture I took recently and it shows my chest bones . It also shows the person I am. I love being happy and making others happy.

At one stage I looked in the mirror and I could not recognise myself. I’m a picky eater and my lack of appetite made me a food blocker. I can look at food and just decide I’m full and I won’t have that food even my face would change like I’m seeing weird food.

This is what contributed to my deficiency being a girl who goes on periods for 7 days sometimes more 5-6 days being heavy flows . My mom told me that’s how she was and to me that was normal. If only I knew that I could take iron supplements to boost my body of the blood I been loosing since my puberty days. I also don’t eat beef liver and I eat more chicken than red meat. I can count the number of times I eat red meat in a month with one hand. This very same tiny boney hand on the bottom picture ⬇️

Now I’m at a stage where I have to go for blood drips and it’s extremely a difficult phase. Mentally I can’t deal with all this. I’m drained most of the times. The medicine makes me even more sick which exhausts me. I’ve now beat some of the symptoms which is a big yay I’m just left with the headaches and dizziness. I still faint now and then but it’s better. I’m gaining weight and my energy levels are picking up.

My meal plans from the dr is a nightmare because I’m a picker and it’s mostly livers for protein but I’m trying. I’m yet to see the day I can order a plate at a restaurant and finish it without taking a doggie home .


Well my God has been my pillar. My family has been a great support because I only told them. They were concerned and thought I’m loosing weight because I have stress etc. My only stress came from not understanding why I’m loosing my weight. 


Well I think deep down they probably wonder what’s wrong with me, some they probably gossip about it . Some are probably worried but scared to ask because generally where weight is concerned you need a special kind of friendship to openly ask why someone is loosing or gaining weight. Furthermore I didn’t make an announcement that I have a deficiency that is slowly eating me away I mean it’s not like a deathbed sickness others will say so why exaggerate it.

With my daughters birthday coming up I’m just hoping I won’t have dizzy spells attacking me because it just sends me straight to bed if I want to recover myself.

I hope my blog will help any youngster who gets periods like I do and act while still early.





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