Fancy African food?

When I grew up I used to enjoy home cooked food and I find myself missing more and more of it in the city. You do get lot of places offering such dishes but presented in the most modernized way sometimes it’s off putting.

I’m yet to find a place where I can eat dumpling and stew in a steel plate and drink good old rooibos tea in a steel mug as well. Yes I know how those cups will burn your lips so hard but hey that’s how some of us grew up and our lips are perfectly fine.

Recently I went to this beautiful little African restaurant in the outskirts of Johannesburg. It was pretty far from where I stay but looking at their food I just had to get myself there. My friend tagged along with me. It was a pretty cold day so we opted for indoor seating. I wanted to have a glass of wine but to my disappointment they weren’t licensed well I didn’t see that part on their Facebook page. Nonetheless we ordered virgin cocktails. They looked yummy because I eat or drink with my eyes before anything. 

Can’t say that virgin cosmo tasted yummy but then again I had expectations but it looked yummy. I was now confident that the food was going to be ok as well.  I ordered cow heels (yes in South Africa it’s a dish and it’s yummy) with pap, my friend ordered beef tribe with dumpling well I thought that’s an odd combo but what the hell. The African cuisine came looking like gourmet hotel dishes except for my friend’s meal atleast the tribe came in a three foot pot . 

The food tasted really nice not home style cooked but still tasted good. Will I go back to the eatery again, if they move from the current location yes I will go back maybe they would have gotten their license to serve alcohol as well (yes I said it) .

Bonus: they serve a really good coffee and I’m a coffee lover so I was happy plus it came with a rusk aaah man pity I was sooo full. Their servings are value for money too, thumbs up there. We took doggies home. 

In the city almost everything is mordenized even traditional African food.



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