Picking up my travel possibilities 

Earlier in the year I applied for a passport with so much excitement because I had plans to travel but life happened that my plans had to be cancelled. Nonetheless I just had to wear my big girl pants and go on with life. I received an SMS to say i must come pick up my passport but somehow it didn’t excite me. I never picked it up and three months went by. I then received a post three months SMS. I decided to get out of my moody bitter self regarding my passport and go pick it up. 

The minute I held it in my hands that excitement came flooding back like a waterfall. I couldn’t explain the feeling but it was incredible because I just realised that what was standing between me and the international world was this little book. I then decided that I’m going to just celebrate this achievement over a cuppa and cake but I went a bit overboard when I got to the restaurant. I went for a full lunch with a glass of wine but extra light because I’m cutting down on alcohol 

The menu was so tempting but I went for steak because I’m trying to up my iron levels. For sides I ordered creamed spinach and chips 

I must say they are not stingy with their portions. As you can see the steak felt like they served me the whole cow.  My steak was cooked to perfection , medium-well. The spinach was cooked so well it was creamy .

Initially this was meant to be a coffee and cake celebration so since I made it a lunch I then decided to have coffee afterwards. So I did what I always do, I asked the waitress if they do coffee art and she said their barista was a pro at coffee art. With a smile I ordered cuppacino and it came with a birdie inside. Aaaaah man that was love at first sight. I always say I eat with my eyes before anything else. 


It’s a wedding season, weddings everywhere !


Hello guys

I  know I’ve been very scarce, honestly speaking I took blogging very simple but it takes consistency and I lack that . I’m now going to try writing once a week, my life is just hectic. Today I’m bringing you guys another wedding experience in the rurals and this one is more cultural less modernized, maybe I can say it was well balanced.

My aunties’ daughter was getting married and wait for it……..I was the BRIDESMAID! Happy moments. You would think being the bridesmaids I wouldn’t be able to capture much but I did, guys I love taking pictures. The joy I get with every click of a camera it’s such a fulfilling experience. 

We hit the N1 to Limpopo it was on a Thursday evening all excited as we been waiting for this wedding with all the fittings and dance practices we’ve been doing the past months so you can imagine the feeling of the big day being here. Friday morning my sister in law and I left for the bride’s home for preparations as we are just villages apart. We were baking ,cooking , serving the elderlies and later in the evening peeling vegetables that will be cooked on Saturday. You see that’s how things are done in the rurals. The men slaughters a cow, a goat and chickens are also slaughtered it’s a feast we have a community to feed. When a cow is slaughtered there’s few things that takes place after. The uncle takes the head, the auntie from the fathers side takes meat from a certain part of the cow, then there’s also certain part reserved for our Queen ( yes we ruled by a lady) then there’s the meat that is reserved for when we take the bride to her in laws on Saturday evening from that very same cow. That’s our culture for decades and we still follow it.
Now on Saturday was thee day, I was excited my nails and hair were done. I did my rods the previous night the curls came out popping and bouncing. The first ceremony was taking place at the queen’s place. The bride has to be dressed up in our pedi traditional attire and we taking that meat along with traditional beer ( famously known as umqombothi in SA) . This is where that white crisp poncho I talked about in one of my previous blog comes in, the bride wears it when going to see the Queen. And as you can see on the picture that’s the whole outfit, isn’t it just beautiful? I think she looked amazing.

The second ceremony was at the brides home where she wore the western white dress the wedding gown. She went for a simple dress and she looked beautiful ,nervous too ( who wouldn’t be). The bridesmaids (myself included) also looked beautiful our dresses were just a dream, the colour scheme was well toned down. She went for nude and beiges .
The decor was beautiful as well and the tent was big and open considering the blazing hot weather we had enough space for fresh air. We don’t do halls where I come from  the bride is wed at home so we erect big tents and turn it into a hall venue setup.

Later on we changed into our second outfits (4th for the bride) which was our traditional pedi attire . All bright and colourful with our doeks. We danced on the streets for everyone to see and ullulate it was just a joyful day. We also went for photo shoot at another venue quite beautiful.

The food was also good I can only say good because I just go for simple dishes as you can see my plate. I don’t like complicated meals at weddings merely because I have a sensitive stomach. Often at big events if you eat everything and anything you can have a running tummy so I try  by all means to not over excite my system.

The first day of the two day wedding was a success even though we ended with a  change of weather, from a hot sunny day to a windy dusty weather it was just unpleasant especially in a village with nor tar and pavements. Nonetheless it was a success, a beautiful wedding. We then prepared ourselves for a road trip to take our lovely Mrs to her in laws for day two of the wedding.

This one was a perfect wedding 😉
All of day two details on my next blog ( part 2) 

Blended Weddings! 

Recently I was invited to my primary school friend’s wedding….I was blown away. I’m yet to see a wedding that was well planned with so much attention to detail. 

I’m one person who like smaller details when taking pictures so I was just impressed. This was a traditional wedding in the rural village called Byldrift in Limpopo. Their wedding attires were just too gorgeous from the bride to her bridesmaids. 

Love is such a beautiful thing it really sees no colour only us humans see colour. Happiness was just roaming around on this day, the bride was just enjoying her day dancing her soul away , the hub was just admiring as smitten as a mother who just gave birth. 
Can I just talk about the bride’s dress…..I take my hats off to her designer. Truth be told she looked amazing and that dress was just made for her body showing all assets in the right places. She wore happiness like an armour. I don’t like talking about men’s attires at weddings because I feel they are just easy. 

If there’s one thing I love is a bride who puts effort in how her bridesmaids looks because they contribute to your day as well. In this case the bride went all out guns blazing on her ladies. From the hair, shoes, outfit and make up my God I can go on and on! 

The decor was just as beautiful, fresh flowers bit of pearls on the table……what’s there not to love. 
A City boy and a girl from the rural dusty village of Byldrift……..well what a PERFECT BLEND! 




Bubbles anyone?

I’m going to be brutally honest here. I’m so happy I finally found the champagne that doesn’t taste like beer. My first experience with champagne was the famous or hyped up Moët. 

I could not get myself to the second glass let alone finish it but I had to just hold on to it because honestly speaking I just loved the thought of champagne in my hand at the wedding I was at. 

Now recently as I was planning for my daughter’s birthday play date I asked for recommendations and my friends suggested Krone and let me tell you I’m now sorted for every party or event I know what to bring. It is so nice and yummy , not exactly the perfect way to describe it but that’s how it tasted.  

It’s quiet unfortunate that I don’t have perfect pictures because the venue of the play date was so dark even editing looks bad. I’ll just share one or two. 

I now have an option of drinks… wine, vodka or champagne . Ok and cider but I’m really trying to stop ciders altogether because I can only do one brand and I can’t share with anyone because none of my friends drink my choice. Now wine and champagne we can share a bottle and enjoy one drink which makes the taster even more better. 
I’m planning a picnic it excites me knowing I have a great bubbly to pair with my cheese board. The picnic is another blog for another day.

Stay tuned 



Feeling a little green? 

Here’s another great find out of my Mama’s closet (check previous post if you’re not up to date), although I think this must be my fathers. It looks like a sleeveless waist coat I mean the one worn by men back in the days. It’s actually bit oversized on me but doesn’t bother me at all. 

When it comes to knits oversized is always a must . 

The dress I’m wearing here is sleeveless. I wore my sleeveless white shirt and green crop top then came the dress on top. A very great combo if you ask me. I’ve learnt that fashion is what you buy and style is what you create. I always play around with my clothes to fit my style

My style is very unpredictable. I make fusions of different pieces of clothing and blend them well. Just the other day I was rocking a boy look and I felt that I nailed it but I must say my boyfriend was not too excited over that look lol. 

Be on the look out for my next fashion blog. 

Invading my Mama’s closet! 

Here’s the thing I love about going home, having to go through those old trunks full of old clothes that your mama just doesn’t wanna throw away even though she hasn’t worn them since the liberation of our country! 

I must admit that I had to return a poncho that I had also taken. It was so beautiful so crisp white and wool woven. The quality of it was just above my expectations considering it was old and has been worn for years. It turns out that poncho was mom’s favorite item because she wore it in her wedding day, in our culture women wear that over their traditional wedding attire (well back in the days in any case). Such a pity I don’t have a picture to show you guys. 

So this top picture I’m wearing her double breasted check blazer. I incorporated it with my white paint sprayed boyfriend jean, a white shirt and my lace crop top that I bought last year but for the life of me it always made me feel uncomfortable. I could not step out of the house with it. When it comes to clothes comfort is key(. Except for high heels) I’ve learnt the hard way . 

The box braids are just adding that extra notch to my look although it’s been long since they’ve been on my head I’m ready to take them out. I’m hoping for a really mean popping Afro, hold thumbs with me! 

I must give credit though to the person behind my pictures….my daughter Kganya (it means light). She’s the one who takes my pictures and I’m proud of her. She’s learning faster than I imagined. 

Thank you for stopping by hope you enjoyed reading my post today. Look out for more posts about the vintage clothes I found in my Mama’s closet.

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Dealing with Iron deficiency anemia 

Today I’m sharing my most personal details of how IDA took away my body weight amongst other things. Growing up I was never skinny I’ve always been petite and at one stage I was fat/chubby. But then I just maintained my weight to the petite size although I started going back and forth to skinny and petite. Continue reading “Dealing with Iron deficiency anemia “